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Objects, Work and Tourism Jimmie Durham

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Objects, Work and Tourism

A daily flow of thousands of tourists overwhelms Venice every day, tourists that often stays for a single day (or even less) pretending to grasp the beauty, culture and millenary history of this unique city in the world. Becoming themselves target of a satire that often does not recognize the real object of their desire: to capture an intrinsic part of knowledge and the Venetian cultural experience. It is however the same desire expressed by the European intellectual and cultural world in the form of a “pilgrimage to see the Biennials. This means that the European intellectual thought cannot be separated from European tourism, nor from the object created by man, “points out clearly Jimmie Durham. Durham also keep on saying , “tourists and intellectuals share, of Venice, a romantic vision that erases the reality of Venetian workers, which recreate the city constantly, preventing ruin of the city, and reshape it under everybody’s eyes”.


Dance Ivo-Lution

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

BiennaleDanza_2011Dance remains as one of the last rituals which can rewrite the history of the world and reflect on its meaning. Modern dance obliges the solitude of the human body to construct paths of reflection in which concrete and abstract merge in an interact.