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Restored Fresco at Tolentini Church

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Fondazione Città Italia just finished the restoration of Cappella Pisani’s fresco, inside of Tolentini church close to Piazzale Roma in Venice, with the contribution of the Venice’s Casinò.

This Fresco is an opera of Camillo Procaccini: a portrait of angels and on the back a monk who shoot San Carlo Borromeo (a real happening!). This opera is a real rarity for many reasons: the author, the subject (San Carlo Borromeo is painted in the whole cappella, completely painted by Procaccini) and for the paint technique (oil based, very hard to preserve during the centuries).
But not the whole Cappella is restored, there are still 30.000 € missing to finish the job!!!

We remember you that the visit of the Tolentini Chruch is free of charge, if you come in Venice you have to visit it!!!

Cappella Pisani

Cappella Pisani before and after the restoration

People Mover: a new way to move through Venice

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

The People Mover is a cable line shuttle that will connect Piazzale Roma to Tronchetto Island (there will be an intermediate stop in the middle of  Stazione Marittima).

This opera is still under construction, in these days they are building the bridges over the two Canals that separate Piazzale Roma from Tronchetto island. The project is by Franceco Cocco from Rovereto.

The opera (toghether with Calatrava Bridge) is a big news for Venice, a timeless city where things changes slowly (or doesn’t change at all!!!). It will be a completely new way to move through Venice (even if only between Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto)!!! As you know actually the only way of transport of the city of Venice are the boats and your feet!

This new opera will make  things easier for all who will leave the car at Tronchetto Parking place and for all who must go to the Marittima to go on a cruise. The ride is just three minutes.

Some people think that this will not be useful for the city. What do you think about it? Let us have your opinion!!!