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Saturday, February 21st, 2015


For the first time in Venice, Grisha Bruskin (Moscow1945) offers us an evocative and inspiring exhibition, a complicated rebus but not impossible to decipher:
Alefbet is an alphabet of Kabbalistic nature, populated by 160 figures including angels and demons from the animal world, men pierced by lightning or carrying upon the shoulders their own shadow.
A pictorial Carnival, a little fairy, a sort of “archaeological” reconstruction of Shoa where fragments of a lost past resurfaces, experienced only indirectly by the artist, through the stories of relatives.


The Gaze of Ivan Glazunov

Friday, November 7th, 2014

glazunov 1

Since 15th october at Querini Stampalia Foundation is hel the Exposition “The Gaze of Ivan Glazunov “.
Part of the Exposition are paintings, antique dresses and precious object from the personal collection of the russian artist. The aim of this particular exhibition is to make people aware of the loss of Russian (and European) traditions who distinguished our culture during the past centuries.