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Regata Storica 2015 Sunday 6th September 2015

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

regata storica

Historical Regatta
is the most important and known regatta in Venice. It’s held every year the first Sunday of September, and this year will be the 6th!!! The actual event was born in 1841 when the Venice and the Venetians asked the permission to the Austrian authorities (at that time Venice was Austrian!!!) to organize a race through the Grand Canal. They wanted to keep trained and “alive” the honor and strength of the gondoliers. Starting from 1866, the Regatta became also a celebration of the past Serenissima Republic. And in 1899 became finally the HISTORICAL Regatta.


The Rowing of Silence

Monday, February 20th, 2012

DSC_9289With this event, ”the Rowing of Silence“, the Venice Carnival comes to an end. Tuesday, February 21 a silent procession of gondolas, which, starting from the Rialto Bridge, will  reach the basin of San Marco, a candlelight.