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Rialto Heart of the City

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Venice’s Assessorato alle Attività Produttive is promoting the economic development of Rialto Area, one of the oldest of Venice, with many events and shows.
The first step has been the new vaporetto stop “Mercato”, the second has been the restoration of Campo San Giacometto & Church and the last one is a programme of events, concerts and workshops with venetians and shopkeepers. The City Hall would like to promote a more sustainable tourism, in the respect of the locals and the monuments. At the same time this is a great opportunity to learn something about the history and the live of this historic area of Venice.

You will find the complete programme in , as well as many information about the area and its life.

Rialto Bridge

Ruga degli Oresi: new ideas for Rialto area!!!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Ruga dei Oresi is the street that goes from Rialto Bridge to the Market Area.
This is one of the busiest part of the city, and one of the oldest as well (i.e. just few meters from the bridge there is San Giacometto Church, probably the oldest of Venice!!!).
This area was reserved to the commerce of the gold, but everyone knows that things changes! Most of the shops were closing. For this reason the Government of Venice decided to change his mind and to eliminate this rule.
Result? New shops are opening!!!
But the opening of new activities will be limited: they will have to be usefull for the venetian cityzens. So no more souvenirs, soccer t-shirts and similiar things! The project of Soprintendenza include a complete renovation af the area and a re-organisation of the small shops facing the street.

rialto market area