PORTABLE CLASSIC The classic. Portable and serial.

portable classic

Until September 13 will be visible at Cà Corner (ground and I° st floor), the exhibition, curated by Salvatore Settis and Davide Gasparotto,twin of the exhibition held in the new site of the Fondazione Prada in Milan. The exhibition consists of eighty works, cleverly arranged in an impeccable line up, which extend the theme on classicism and the formation of a collectionism primarly Italian, exploring the origins and function of the reproductions of classical sculptures. The route, which offers thumbnails in different scales of some of the masterpieces of classicism as the Farnese Hercules ,Apollo del Belvedere, Marcus Aurelius, Laocoonte , Torso del Belvedere, can be readas “a snapshot of the social ritual of the collector who shows to visitors and friends the pearls of his collection …”.

On the first floor in the main room, the Hercules Farnese of over three metres high, in a series of decreasing scale reproductions in marble, bronze and terracotta, from 15 to 130 cm.
In the side rooms the exhibition illustrates how some relevant figures of 16th century observers such as Tintoretto and Licinius have used copies of “portable” to process some hypotheses about the missing parts of the original classics.


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