The Question of Beings


On the occasion of the 56th international art Biennale of Venice, amongst collateral events, Chang Yahon investigates the theme of being with the show “The Question of Beings” visible at the Santa Maria della Pietà (ground floor). Site-specific exposure occurs in a series of new paintings and installations that explore the conscious and unconscious nature of individuals.With these new works Chang questions the diversity and complexity of living beings, in an attempt to learn the similarities and differences between the recesses of human and animal instinct. Yahon Chang reflects his life experiences using the mode of meditative style portraiture: his feelings of rejection, acceptance, love and struggle seem to emerge by the paintings that appear to be made with chaotic, almost random traits, helping to create a singular compositional style.

Chang synthesizes the aesthetics of calligraphy with expressive lines to represent a multitude of faces: they depict religious, social aspects and the animal face. The multiplicity of faces that fills the entire exhibition space, creating an interactive environment that allows the audience to enter a world resembling a “Facebook alternative”. The stained glass Windows, which in turn incorporate some portraits in the series, helping to create an atmosphere of commemoration that promotes interactive experience, turning the exhibition into a “sanctified” space, in continuity with the nearby Church of Santa Maria della Pieta : observing the natural light changes that interact within the exhibition space it seems to be inside a space almost “sacred“.

From May 09 to 22 November 2015 Venice
Place: Santa Maria della Pietà Institute, Castello 3701, Venice
Open from 9 May – 22 November 2015 2015 | 10 – 18(closed on Mondays)
Promoters : • Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei
Official website:

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