Correr Museum – Empress Elizabeth’s Rooms


In the magnificent St. Mark’s square you can find a place where extraordinary pieces of art are shown to the public and where a number of art exhibitions take place: Correr Museum.
One of the reasons for paying a visit is that of admiring the rooms which were occupied by Empress Elizabeth of Austria, the famous and beloved Sissi, during her first stay in Venice in 1856.

Sissi is one of the most popular female figures of all times, her life being like a fairytale that unfortunately has no happy ending: she marries the Habsburg Emperor that is supposed to marry her elder sister, her mother-in-law tries to turn her into a “real empress” by trying to tame her wild and spontaneous character, she sees her children die and she is stubbed by an Italian anarchist while still young. Despite her life is not so happy she is loved by her people and her fascinating figure continues to attract even nowadays: several films and television dramas about her life have even been shot.
Sissi visited Venice for 38 days in 1856 and then went back between 1861 and 1862 after her daughter’s death. She occupied nine rooms in the Palazzo Reale, in the area reserved to the Habsburg Empire, that were used as offices for many years by the Venetian municipality and have not been taken care of for a long time. In 2012 these spaces have been reopened to the public after renovation and now one can walk through these rooms and admire the audience hall, the empress’ bedroom and closet, the living-room and the other rooms where Sissi spent her days in Venice. Every room is furnished with authentic pieces from Napoleonic era and enriched by accurate tapestry and decorations.
Ticket price: 16 euros, including entrance to Museo Correr, Palazzo Ducale and Archeological Museum are included. Discounts for groups, children, elders and Venetian residents.

Museo Correr
San Marco 52,
30124 Venezia
T +39 041 2405211
F +39 041 5200935

Public entrance:
Piazza San Marco, Ala Napoleonica,
Scalone monumentale


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