La Divina Marchesa


Sice the 4th of October, at Palazzo Fortuny, opened an exposition about a Lady, Marquis Luisa Casati Stampa. She has been the muse of many of the most important artists of the beginning of the 20th Century, including Gabriele D’Annunzio. Palazzo Fortuny was one of Luisa’s most loved places in Venice , house-atelier of the famous Mariano Fortuny. Guess why? Because, as every Diva, she loved his wonderful silk dress!!!

This is the very first exposition about this exstraodinary woman. A Diva who, whith the bizarre performance, dresses and make up, has been able to transform herself into a “living art opera”. A mith who still inspire artists from all over the world.

This exposition has about 100 pieces: paintings, sculptures, jewels and dresses. All operas who has been inspired or commissioned by Luisa. An example can be the portrait of Léon Bakst, or two operas of Alberto Martini or, again, the jewels of Cartier. Very interesting are also her pictures! The most famous is the one from Man Ray, who became a surrelist icon due to a mistake in the picture itself.

The exposition tell the whole life of Luisa Casati Stampa: her “gold life” , the meeting and the love with D’Annunzio, her economic ruin and the exile in London, where she died in 1957.

Opening: until the oth March 2015
From 10.00 to 18.00 (closed on tuesday)
Tickets: 12.00 € (reduction 10.00 € for the eligible)


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