Hiroshige. From Edo to Kyoto: famous views of Japan


By September 20th at the Museum of Palazzo Grimani in Santa Maria Formosa is exceptionally exposed the entire corpus of polychrome woodblock prints of Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858), one of the greatest protagonists of the Japanese art of all time.
At the end of the 19th century his art fascinated and conquered Europe and its artists, including Van Gogh, who replied two of his operas with oil technique.
The exhibition offers the most famous and beloved images of the great interpreter, undisputed master of the landscape, called the “poet of nature“.

Among the works exhibited, belonging mainly to the mature period of Hiroshige, it is possible to admire the collection of the highest quality and absolute value “100 views of famous places of Edo” (Edo is the old name for Tokyo), the famous “Tōkaidō vertical “. the views of 53 stations on the coast road that connects Tokyo to Kyoto, and refined last series” 36 views of Fuji “.
At Palazzo Grimani may also see some rarities where the artist confronts him less usual genres such as female figures or historical and legendary themes.
Complete the path some precious objects, belonging to the collection of the Museo d’Arte Orientale di Venezia, which appear in prints or on which are depicted the same places in woodcuts.

Opening: from 20.09.14 to 11.01.2015
Business hours: Monday – 14.00 8.15
from Tuesday to Saturday, 8.15-19.15
Sunday 10.00 – 18.00
Tickets: € 6.00
Info: www.palazzogrimani.org

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