Taxes in Venice

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Legislative Decree No. 23 of March 14, 2011 allowed Italian municipality to apply the tax on all overnight stays of non-residents in hotels and other residential .
The revenue is expected to finance projects in the tourism sector, maintenance, use and recovery of cultural assets and investments in local public services.

In Venice the hotel customers pay the fee to the city of Venice by category of accommodation already since some years now, every star that classified the hotel corresponds to one euro per person, the customer must pay the amount as “city tax “ to hotel, for each night of his stay, for a maximum of 5 nights.
So for example, a customer who will sleep in Venice in a 4 star hotel, will have to pay a charge of 4 Euro per person per night.
Recently there has been some updates. The Special Commissioner within the competence of the City Council, by resolution No. 340 of 25.07.2014, has approved some changes to the existing rates starting from October 1, 2014.
In particular will be applied an increase of € 0.50 to the basic rate of overnight stays in 3 and 4 stars hotels, which will respectively be € 3.50 and € 4.50 per person per night.
There will be also some reductions depending on the period, age, duration of stay and other parameters given on the website of the municipality of Venice!


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