A self-portrait by Miroslav Kraljević, Croatian modernist

The Ca ‘ Pesaro Gallery continues to offer its spaces to the discovery and deepening of cultural currents and lesser-known authors.
Opens a retrospective dedicated to Miroslav Kraljević (1885-1913), an artist lesser known to the general public but widely considered to be the first Croatian modernist painter that surprises for expressive subtlety and technical skill.

Despite his brief career, due to premature death when he was only 27 years old to tubercolosis, the artist, known as “the painter of the soul”, was soon greatly appreciated to the point to represent Croatia at the Biennale d’Arte in Venice.
The exhibition is composed with 20 works, including paintings and drawings which show the fascination of his art on posterity. He moved the artistic influence of his country from Vienna and Munich, known for the perfection and education, in Paris, more formal and unconventional, bringing modern and avant-garde currents in Zagreb at the dawn of the 20th century.

Opening: from 18.04 to 15.06.2014
Working hours: 10-18
Tickets: € 10.00 as a whole Reduced € 7.50
Info: capesaro.visitmuve.it


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