Festa del Redentore 2013

logo redentore positivoWe are gettin’ closer to Redentore’s Night!!! This Festival is very popular in Venice, it’s a mix of religious theme and spectacular celebration. It’s held since 1577, every year!!!

San Marco Basin will be the heart of the Festival. This Saturday, 20th July 2013, thousands of boats will joint there, dressed with ballons, lights and music. All together they will wait the big final of the night: the fireworks!!!

Thousand of colors and shades will light up the Lagoon and the Monuments facing Saint Mark’s Area.

If you are here in Venice During these days you cannot miss the event!
The day after, during the afternoon, a Regatta will be held in Giudecca Canal


SATURDAY, JULY 20th 2013

7.00pm opening of the Thanksgiving Bridge, connecting the Zattere to the Church of the Redentore on the island of Giudecca

11.30pm Fireworks in St. Mark’s Bay

SUNDAY, JULY 21st 2013
In the afternoon
 Redentore Regattas in Giudecca Canal
Children’s twin-oared “pupparini” boat regatta

16:45 Twin-oared “pupparini” boat regatta

17:30 Twin-oared Gondola regatta

19:00 Catholic Celebration at the Redentore’s Church in Giudecca Island

Please remember that this Program may vary, you can refer at the Redentore’s official website redentorevenezia.it
Remember also that some restriction will apply to the trafic in Saint MArk’s Basin and Giudecca Canal during these two days.


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