Venetian fortresses. Documentary exhibition at Palazzo Ducale

Fortezze Veneziane

Definitely a show not to be missed!!! Until September 22, 2013 you can admire inside the halls of Dogi Palace this collection which reconstructs the Venetian military systems through the documents held by the Cabinet of cartography and the Library of Museo Correr.

You can admire the secrets and patterns of forts and fortresses built to defend the Venetian trade routes in the Mediterranean, foundations of profitable trade with the Levant.

Particularly interesting a scroll depicting the fortifications of Corfu, in the section dedicated to the 16th century.

Also interesting is a plant of Zadar where are represented the projects (never realized) of extension of the defensive walls. This latter was dated between 1564 and 1567.
There are also documents of the 18th century, including the projects of Johann Matthias von der Schulemburg to Corfu.

Palazzo Ducale

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