Fondazione Querini Stampalia: ships, “Squeri”(Shipyard), ferries from Jacopi De Barbari

De Barbari
The exhibition, open until May 12, 2013, is a collection of 142 watercolors, etchings, gravers and preparatory drawings in ink of the famous view of the De Barbari. The view in question is a woodcut in six tables, a view of Venice bird sight style where the Arsenale is the main subject, a place where once were built the vessels of the Serenissima.

The Foundation has one of the earliest examples of this view, a large almost three meters high and one and a half.

During the show will be projected on the walls some details of this card that portrays life along the shores of Venice: the freighters docked at customs, traffic on the Canal Grande, Scene of race … The feeling is that of moving within the Venice immortalized by Jacopo in his immortal work.

Along with this work will be exhibited even virtual replicas of other prints and paintings, some of them from “the arsenal of Venice and Marina”, a miscellany almost unprecedented always owned by the foundation that hosts the event.

The exhibition was created thanks to the collaboration of Venetian association “ Duri I Banchi”.

Opening hours Tuesday-Sunday closed Monday 10/18.


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