Modern Views of Ancient Treasure – A Lynn Davis Work

lynne This show can be found only until the 13th January 2013, it’s held between the ancient walls of the Archeological Museum of Venice. This particular collection is inspired to all the pics she took all over the world about places and monuments who represent the”holy”.

These photos are the preferred ones of Lynne Davis: symbol of what the “holy” was in the past for the humans. This collection must not be seen a a pure description of the subject, of the monument. The idea behind is to emphasize the purity of the simple shape of these human operas.

This exposition has also a connection with the Archeological Museum as the Museum itself is the symbol of the memory. In this way the pictures are not only connected with the audience but also with the finds kept in that magical place. As these finds are often simbols of the same “holy” captured on Lynn’s work.

You will find more information on the Blog of the Archeological Museum: .

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