Vollard: the dealer who discovered Picasso

picasso2This is a first time for Italy! At the Venetian Institute of Science and Art (Palazzo Franchetti) 150 operas will tell the relationship between Ambroise Vollard (an Art Dealer who discovered Picasso) and Pablo Picasso.

Vollard (1866 – 1939) was a pioneer in Europe between art dealers, he had an essential role in the development of the modern art until the first decades of the XX century. For example he organized the first personal exposition of Paul Cézanne in 1895.

And he has been one of the firsts who gave to a young Picasso the chance to display his works when he arrived in Paris.
This complex relationship ended 40 years later with the death of Vollard.

The exposition has been promoted by Gamm Giunti and include the complete eerie of 100 incisions of the Suite Vollard and the “Minotauromachia”. The last opening date is the 8th July 2012.

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