Gustav Klimt at Correr Museum

klimt Gustav Klimt comes again in Venice!!! This exhibition held in Correr Museum in Piazza San Marco it’s an occasion to celebrate is 150 Anniversary of the artist’s Birth (1862 – 2012).
Also is about 100 years far from his first participation to Venice’s Biennale (1910). “Gustav Klimt in the sign of Hoffmann and the Secession” (this is the title choosed for this venetian event) has the pourpose to introduce the visitorat the evolution of Klimt’s architecture and painting with an incredible cycle of drawings, painting, furnituress and jewelry.

One of the main theme of the exhibition is the collaboration of Klimt with the architect and interior designer Josef Hoffmann. They firstly meet in Vienna where the shared clients, commissions and friend. In this period they tried to create the “total work of art” (called “Gesamtkunstwert”), that can be admired in its highest point in the Beethoven Frieze (1901-1902) and in the decoration of Brussels’ Stoclet Palace.

For more information about the exhibition you can surf (both in english and in italian) or call +39 041 9636808




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