Gennaro Favai – Visions and Horizons 1879-1958.

Gennaro-Favai-258The venetian  Gennaro Favai (1879-1958), a creative and complex Artist, an entire exposition dedicated to him, with more than 200 operas, including paintings, drawings, watercolours and etchings, that shown his complex spirit and the nostalgic side of his paintings, for his beloved city Venice, and for his particular views.

The exposithion is held at Ca ‘Pesaro, and is represented by following the steps that characterize the artist: “the views of Venice“, “the journey in the Mediterranean” and the “bird’s eye views (vedute a volo d’uccello)”.
the exhibition includes a section dedicated to the relationship with some of his illustrious contemporaries, Modigliani, Medardo Rosso and Raoul Dufy.
Of them are exposed portraits and caricatures created by the artist, and a selection of portraits and still life’s made during the course of his artistic career.

Sponsored by the Foundation’s Civic Museums of Venice and the Regione del Veneto, followed by Silvio Fuso, Giovanni Soccol, Elisa Prete and Cristiano Sant, the exhibition want to rediscover and celebrate the artists related to the founding site of Ca ‘Pesaro and Venice, among the 800 the twentieth century.

Small biography:

Gennaro Favai was born in Venice in 1879, son of the publisher Louis and Countess Teresa Albrizzi, expressed, since an early age, a passion for art.

After the expulsion from the Art Accademy, the artist Vector Zanetti Zilla took him in his studio, with whom he studied Venetian painting of fifteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, through copies of the experiences of teachers and materials and painting techniques.
In 1904 he participates to the world exposition of Saint Louis, where he was awarded with bronze medal, in the same year made the first of a series of long and short stay trips to Paris, where on several occasions he exhibit by “Salons of the Societe Nationale” and “Societe Internationale de la Peinture à l’eau“.

In 1907 he exhibited also for the first time at the Venice Biennale in 1908 participates in the “Permanent exhibition of arts and industries of Venice” at the Palazzo Pesaro organized by Nino Barbantini.
That was much appreciate by the critique , the famous critic Charles Louis Borgmeyer dedicated an article in the pages of “Fine Art Journal”.
During the 1914 trip to London, in the occasion of the exhibition at Coupil Gallery, integrates its vision of the landscape with the conception of light and space, he met the painter and illustrator Frank Brangwyn, with whom he began a long association. In the same year he met in Paris Kievits Maria, daughter of the Dutch Ambassadeur in France, multilingual writer, whom he married in 1918.
The stay in Taormina and Syracuse (1915-17), followed by the long stay in Capri from ‘19, are critical for the development of a new idea of the landscape.
He moved to Positano, graphic artist enriched the corpus of sketches and watercolours of the Amalfi coast, published under the title ” Golfo di Salerno, Costa amalfitana come fu vista da Gennaro Favai ” (1925) and followed by collecting 56 drawings of the Capri Island (1930).

At the end of 1930 he travelled to New York, following his return from a stay in Algiers, which significantly enriches his repertoire landscape.
Returning to Venice, he devoted himself to engraving techniques and in particular to the lithographic washes; since the ’40s gradually withdrew from public life, but his house is a meeting place for artists and writers, musicians and intellectuals.

The latest production is characterized by fleeting views of the lagoon city, aerial shots of the towers.
He died in Venice in 1958.

Gennaro Favai – Visions and Horizons 1879-1958.
Until the 31st of March 2012  
Ca’ Pesaro – International Gallery of Modern Art 
Santa Croce, 2076 – Venice
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