Benefit concert to save the “Dome of Creation”

image002Saturday, January 28th 2012, by Saint’ Mark’ s Church, will take place a concert dedicated to the project financing “Sulle ali degli Angeli”, for the restoration of  one of the  mosaics in the Basilica.

The mosaic in question “The Dome of Creation”, located in the west and north sides of the atrium of the basilica, show a cycle of 26 mosaics from the Old Testament, representing, the creation of the world, the first men, original sin and the expulsion from paradise.

This unique masterpiece (dated around 1210 to 1235), is at risk of fall from the layer of mortar that keep it glued. The cause could be the high saline concentration in the air and the many flooding  suffered in the past, present and future that damaged the concrete holding the tiles.

Actually are visible many areas of detachment between the tiles themselves and, after an estimation  by Procuratoria of San Marco, supported by the Patriarch of Venice, the Venice Civic Museums Foundation, to verify the damage and early intervention , which at the moment are not enough to safe the cultural and artistic heritage.

To support this project, a great artists such as Mario Brunello, with his inseparable cello,will entertain the audience rushed in aid of the  beloved cathedral, playing music by Bach, Sollima and Tavener.
Saturday, January 28th 2012
St. Mark Basilica – Venice
Benefit concert to save the “Dome of Creation

Cupola della Creazione

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