Homage to Lorenzo Lotto: the paintings of the Ermitage to the Galleries of the Academy

Thanks to an agreement between the Ermitage museum of Saint Petersburg and the Venice Academia Art Galleries, it will be possible, to visit an exposure entirely dedicated to the Venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto.

That will be held from the 24th of November 2011 to the 26th of February 2012.

Lorenzo Lotte was born in Venice in 1480 and, died in 1556 in Loreto.

One of the main exponents of 16th Venetian century, although because of his principle and  his nonconformism, finds a lot of obstacles  in “being successful”, so leaving the scene to Titian and Giorgione.
According to the Vasari, Lorenzo was formed in the school of Bellini.

Not much appreciate by Venetian critic, lotto begins to travel around Italy, moving  to Treviso, Rome, Recanati, Bergamo and Loreto. During his travel he tried return to Venice many times, however he couldn’t find a definitive establishment.
He had an hard life ,  his fame and reputation a were rediscovered only at the end of the 1800’s from the great art critic Bernard Berenson that covered the  peregrinating routes of Lotto over again revealing step by step an excellent Renaissance artist, that he then reintroduced to the great public.

In the exhibition we can admire the Double portrait of weds, Mother mary with the Child and Angels (kindly lend from the Russian collectors), a portrait of young gentleman (gentleman of Treviso – 1530 approximately), Giuditta with the head of Oloferne ( 1512) and altarpice of the Shovel of Saint Bartolomeo (1516).


Lorenzo Lotto: the paintings of the Ermitage at the Accademia Gallery
24th of November 2011 – 26th of February 2012
Gallerie dell’Accademia,
Campo della Carità,
Dorsoduro 1050
30100 Venice

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