Armenia. Footprints of a Civilization

115878By the  Civic Museums of Venice, is staged a major exhibition dedicated to the Armenian culture, organized for the Fifth Centenary of the first book printed in Armenian language, here in Venice – along year 1512 -.

The exhibition, organized and supervised by Gabriella Uluhogian, Boghos Levon Zekiyan and Vartan Karapetian, count on over two hundred works coming from major museums, Armenian and European libraries  and the Holy Site of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Echmiadzin.

The exhibition includes some rare manuscripts, miniatures, stones, architectural documents, relics, which explain the goals and objectives achieved by the Armenian civilization in the scientific, spiritual, artistic, architectural, economic, philosophical and literary field.

A part of the exhibition will focused on the relations between the Armenians and European cultures, emphasizing the relationships lasted for centuries, between the Armenians and the Venetian Republic, documented by manuscripts and artworks, explaining also the developments of the Armenian presence in Venice and what were the political, economic and cultural relations with Venice.

A special sector  will be dedicated to the art of the Armenian press, whose first steps are dated back to 1512: there will be exposed the best results of printing products from numerous Armenian settlements, scattered all overtheworld.
in This section an important role is taken by a  particularly important documentation of the glorious tradition of Armenian –Venetian printing, brought the height of its quality by the laborious and enlightened devotion of the Fathers Mekhitarist.



Armenia. Footprints of a Civilization
16/12/11 – 10/04/12
Civic Museums of Venice – Island of San Lazzaro – Museum of the Armenian Congregation Mekhitarist

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