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From the 7th until the 22nd of November, at the Slovenian’s Exposition Centre of Venice, is it possible to assist at the personal exhibition of the Slovenian artist Ibro Hasanović (winner of the 5th edition of “Arte Laguna of Venice Award” with the video clip: “The title of this film is…I cannot remember the name”).

The inedited and original exposition of Stories  will be  explained by the installation “Instructions for gold hunter”, the photographic exhibition “Conditioned Air” and with the short film “A short story”.

A short story” is a narrative of a prophecy by Hasanović himself (the protagonist) to a group of children.
The prophecy written in far 1941 about Sejfo in a little Bosnian village, based on the magical text of “Kasida”.  The book foresee  the tragedies occurred during the 20th centuries in the former Jugoslavia.
The film is based on the artist remembrance about an uncle who told him  these stories narrated from generation to generation in the artist birthplace.

Hasanović want to explain the important of narrative tradition and enhanced the fatalism and superstitions of Balkan people, their traditions and historical memory.

The photographic exhibition “Conditioned Air” reflects about the prejudices associated with Albania.
Few photo in black&white that explain the reality of a “Country in transition”, characterized by essential of welfare civilization that no longer exists, leaving poverty, degradation, underdevelopment.

Some info about the artist:
Hasanović was born in the 1918, in the Ex-Jugoslavia, and graduated at the Academy of fine arts in Sarajevo. At the moment he lives and works in France.
He belongs to the generation of artists born during the War between Bosnia and Erzegovina (1992-1995). These fact have influenced his growth and training and has determined the artist practice.
The artwork isn’t the final objective, but the help to tell and share the personal experiences through the remembers, search the lost identify in a destroyed past.

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