The Mystery of “Ghetto” and of the Qabbalah

The Jewish Quarter or Ghetto, one of the most fascinating place of Venice, is dedicating the evening of 31 October to discover and explore the mystery of this amazing place.

The opening of the Museum is exceptionally extended until 22:30, and during the whole evening are available some exclusive guided tours.

In collaboration with Maria Luisa Trevisan and the artist Tobia Ravà, is possible to follow the explanation of the meaning of secret codes and engraving numbers, all in relation of Qabbalah (we can translate this as “receive, receive the word of the Lord from the Torah”).

The speakers will give us all the information in the exhibition “Elevazioni and Permutazioni” (Elevations and Permutations), in the typical “giro di ronda” (guard duty at night, made from a policeman around the Jewish Quarter) and a little tour with the gondola in and around the Ghetto.

A special evening in the first ghetto of  Europe, where we can relive the atmosphere of the old times in “Serenissima”, when after the sunset the quarter was closed.

During the evening is possible to visit the museum and its shop, take an aperitif with “kasher’s food” and, only on reservation, have a dinner in a great and charming location as the ghetto.

The mystery of Ghetto and of the Qabbalah
Jewish museum
Canareggio 2902/b
30100 Venice
Phone +39 041 715359

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