Nicola Aramu’s personal exhibition

From the 27th of November to the 10th of December, at the restaurant “Bistrot de Venise ” is possible to visit a special exhibition of the Venetian painter and sculptor, Nicola Aramu.

His works are characterized by the everyday life and the old episodes which are becoming relevant again. Through the use of specific subjects, places, crumbling colours and the less important events, he makes come back to “life” the history of his works, in a mixture of amazement and wonder.

Here below you can find some more information about our artist:

Nicola Aramu was born in Venice in 1972. From his father, a collector of coins and stamps, he earns the passion for miniatures.
He has studied at the National Institute of Art (specialized in art print). With the help of a “torchio” (an old type of printer), he opened a studio and started printing.
He graduated the “Accademia delle Belle Arti di Venezia” (Fine Arts Academy of Venice) with thesis on the “engraving works”, and he’s currently experimenting with new printing techniques.
Aramu is an amazing painter who is focusing on the extraordinarily small and extraordinarily large details of the everyday life, being like this able to find always the fantastic fiber of the reality.


Nicola Aramu’s personal exhibition
27th of November – 10 th of December 2011
Bistrot de Venise
San Marco, 4685 Calle dei Fabbri
30100 Venice


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