American’s Cup World Series arrives finally also in Venice

amcupAfter a long dispute  wiht Naples, Venice will host, for the fist time, two dates of the Sailing American’s Cup. The event is scheduled  from the 12th to the 20th of May 2012 and April 2013.

Major Orsoni, a great fan of Sailing, hardly hides his emotions and excitement: he think that Venice is a perfect location to host the event, the city can brilliantly provide to all the sailor needs  and assistance for their boats (catamaran Ac45).

 The logistic point and the organizational base of the cup will be the “Arsenale” ( the old venetians shipyard  during the 14° century).  The race will take place along the area of the Lido seaport.
10 teams will race, amongst them “Luna Rossa” , and probably also “Venezia Challenge” whit 30 competitions, 3 per days.

According to the program there will be race regattas, regattas  and speed time trial of 500 meters.

The America’s Cup, is a great train oppurtunity for the  teams for the next and most famous sailng competition: the Louis Vuitton Cup.


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  1. Cortesemente,chi organizza l’evento?

    Comment by Dario — 18 January 2012 @ 22:35

  2. Intendo a Venezia?!.Grazie

    Comment by Dario — 18 January 2012 @ 22:37

  3. Si riferisce all’aspetto sportivo dell’evento o alla parte logistica (Alberghi, ristoranti, transfers, etc…)?

    Comment by Roberto — 27 January 2012 @ 17:55

  4. Salve!Intendevo la parte sportiva,come ente.(un comitato,una società creata appositivamente,…???).
    Per sapere infatti dove si svolgeranno i campi di regata e dove gli spazi assegnati per gli spettatori-imbarcazioni.
    Ho sentito,nel frattempo,che se ne occuperà “Vento di Venezia”.Vi risulta? Grazie.

    Comment by Dario — 30 January 2012 @ 11:29

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