Venice and the Egypt: two millenniums of History

pd+v&gFrom Oct. 1st to Jan 22nd The Dogi Palace will host the exhibition “ Venice and Egypt“ : 300 rare works about the cultural and trade connection between Venice and the mysterious land of the Pharaohs.

This exposition follow the themes of last two previous exhibitions: “ The Legacy of Islam”, held in 1993, and “Venice and the Islam”, held in 2003, exposure of a long-time cooperation amongst the city and Egypt.

The expert Mr. Dal Pozzo, and two other collaborators explains how the steal of Saint Mark’s corpse by two venetians merchant, from Alessandria d’Egitto, contributed to the begin of the new republic government and its own coat of arm “the Marciano’s Lion”, also from Egyptian origins.

This exposition intend to strengthen the actual relations amongst the culture of Venice and the Egypt, the real door of the Orient.

“Venice and the Egypt” – Doges Palace, 1st of October 2011 – 22nd of January 2012

St. Mark Square, 1 – 30124 Venice Italy
Phone ++39 0412715911
Fax ++39 0415285028

Palazzo Ducale

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