Venanzo Crocetti and the “Sense of the human”

crocettiOperas of the great artist, Venanzo Crocetti, returns to Venice on a new exposition by “Palazzo Zenobio”, in memories of the centenary of his birth.

In this exhibition will be possible to see his most important sculptures like dancers, animals and humble people. A trip along the difficult carrier of the artist.

It’s the begin of the artistic season at Palazzo Zenobio for the Armenian College of art Moorat-Raphael, open all year ‘round. It will be possible to visit an historic masterpiece, the Mirror Room, designed by Dorigny and also works of Gaspare Diziani.

This exhibition create a contrast between the baroque and modern age, in this cultural city where the past and the modern live a multicultural innovative atmosphere.

Palazzo Zenobio
Armenian College Moorat-Raphael
Dorsoduro 2596
30123 Venice Italy
Phone: +39 0415228770
Fax: +39 0415203434
Web site :


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