Venitian Museums open for Ferragosto – August 15th

faloThis year you will be able to spend a Ferragosto Feast with your family a little bit different than the other years.

In fact, this year all the museums of Venice – Musei Civici – will remain open for this special day and this special year of the Biennale.

The museums themselves are always very interesting and full of details that you always discover again and again, but some of them welcome a particular exhibition as satellite event of the Biennale.

Here a list of them:

- The Beautiful Museo Correr on Saint Mark’s Square hosts this year a wonderful exhibition of the Artist Julian Schnabel called: Permanente becoming and the architecture of seeing. This genius is considered as a real  american phenomenon who revisit the ancestor’s of this speciality like Giotto, Goya, Dalì, Picasso, and others more modern like Pollock.

- The very famous Museo Fortuny welcomes the exposition TRA – Edge of Becoming. This itineray through different domains of Art bring the spectator to reflect about the concepts of transit and passage, with the will to underline the aspects of revelation to the pleasure and the knowledge.

- The important Museo Ca’ Pesaro hosts the exhibition of Pier Paolo Calzolari with 25 works from 1968 until nowdays introduced by the sclupture in front of the Palace on the Grand Canal called Frozing Structure. Teh exposition gives us the possibility to understand how the artist uses the different languages of the Art.

- In the same Museo Ca’ Pesaro, Ana Sieff presents you her Psyche. Experimental videos of the artist about the topic of integration of the body and the soul in our world. “The reality is cybernetic and multiple, is important to understand body and soul, spacetime and cyberspace“.

- The Museo Ca’ Rezzonico disposed in all this beautiful Palace and through its art collection of the XVIIIth century, the works of Barry X Ball. A wonderful and unique  exhibition which brings you inside your soul. The artist chose the marble to sclupt these characters giving them life, thoughts, and life.

- At the Museo Palazzo Mocenigo, inside the costume’s collection of the antique family, the exhibition Miniartextil of Ruth Adner Schnee takes place. Various minitextil works write together a beautiful poem.

- The Museo del Vetro in the Murano Island welcomes the exhibition called SiO2nH2O – wich is the formula of the Elba’s Opal – Illuminazioni e Transizioni (Illuminations and Transitions). Different artists have used the glass to express their feelings and thoughts, others revisit the everydaylife objects.

- Ca’ Corner della ReginaFondazione Prada. In the Palace of the Cyprius’ Queen, the Prada foundation installed a very interesting exposition with important artists of the traditional European school.


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