“Animal Magnetism” by textile artist Liselotte Höhs

sale-monumentali-biblioteca-marcianaA major exhibition, titled “Animal Magnetism”, by Venice’ textile artist Liselotte Höhs will open at Sale Monumentali of Marciana National Library (Museo Correr’s entry), in St.Mark Square, from 1st to 30th September 2011.

Liselotte Höhs,Viennese by birth but Venetian by vocation, whose life and work are deeply intertwined with this amphibious city, will present her new creations, textile mosaics.

When, as an eighteen-year-old, Liselotte Höhs arrived in Venice, she fell in love with the city at first sight. Mozart’s friend the Viennese doctor Mesmer, writing in the early 19th century, would have classified this fatal attraction as “animal magnetism”, and explained it through the mysterious energetic fluid which enshrouds the whole universe and its living beings. Like Mesmer, Liselotte Höhs is convinced that there are forces, energies beyond those which are known to the exact sciences, secret interactions occuring between humans and other beings.

It’s no coincidence that she fell in love with Venice, the city which has spontaneously grown in the shape of a fish – she was even born under the sign of Pisces. An innate love between Venice and her, the same affection that she feels towards the animals who steadly fill up her creations.


From September 1st to 30th  2011
Sale Monumentali of Marciana National Library

Liselotte Höhs

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