Vertical Seas.

1306508595bDuring the period of the Biennale a lot of very important and interesting artists are exhibiting at the Giardini, at the Arsenale but also in all the town in different beautiful palaces.

Today we would like to talk about a special Pavilion, the Venice’s one.

The regeneration, not only architectonic but also cultural, of the Venice Pavilion will be celebrated this coming 1 June with the inauguration of the exposition called Mari Verticali, by Fabrizio Plessi.

The architecture dates back to 1932; it was a project by Brenno Del Giudice, an architect who also constructed, in Venice, the pavilions of Greece, Yugoslavia, Romania and Poland for the Biennal from 1934 to 1938. Concerning the regenerated Pavilion, Enrico Bressan, president of Fondaco, who organized the restoration project, speaks about a kind of “Restor-action”, in the sense of an activation in order to evaluate Venice’s artistic patrimony.

Indeed, this involves bringing to light an exposition-space of high symbolic value, which more than any other would represent the city, publicizing its name and fame: “A space which was already desired at the beginning of the 1930s, in order to evaluate Venetian arts and to compare them with art forms from other countries.

This project was meant to allow Venice to become, once again, the producer of new proposals”. A place born with the mission of “jealously conserving all the art which is present in Venice“; a place forgotten over the years, but which, today, strives to be reborn as testimony to all the positive factors which still exist in the city.

But beyond the noble vocation of the building, truly noteworthy is the significance which the sponsors of the restoration, Arzanà Navi and Louis Vuitton, have given to their contributions. A project which finds, in Fabrizio Plessi and in Mari Verticali, its maximum expression. Sailing, art, design, style: common ingredients, the key of the fruitful encounter with a maison like Louis Vuitton.


«Fabrizio Plessi. Mari Verticali»
From 1st June to 27 November

Padiglione Venezia, Giardini della Biennale


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