The Corto Maltese’s House

user_41_cm_veneziaThe House of Corto Maltese is a house-museum dedicated to the famous character created by Hugo Pratt, not only a museum but a special place dedicated to art exhibitions, and creative laboratories.
The House is located in Rio Terà dei Biri (Cannaregio 5394/B), not far from the Church of Miracles.

A must for all lovers of Hugo Pratt.

There are comic book characters that live outside of time. Heroes who never get old and who have stable relationships with the imaginary world that surrounds them.
The character of the Corto Maltese was created by Hugo Pratt – one of the greatest comic book writers in Italy and the world – at the height of his artistic powers. First appearing in 1967, “Una Ballata del Mare Salato” (The Ballad of the Salt Sea) is a graphic novel about the adventures of a daring sea captain who wears a cap and has a gold earring in his left ear.

The House of Corto Maltese is not only a space dedicated to the character and its author, great master Hugo Pratt, but also a pleasant and welcoming space. People can learn to have fun. Visitors will no longer perceive a museum as a passive and austere guardian, but as an active divulger of what it has been called upon to protect.

Therefore, it will be also able to speak to a segment of untraditional users with partly new logics and competences.
The House proposes creative laboratories and aesthetic experiences in keeping with the Corto Maltese’s adventurous and explorative spirit.

In addition to different artists, visitors to the Casa di Corto Maltese can also meet the legendary Guido Fuga and Lele Vianello, long-time collaborators of Hugo Pratt.


Rio Terà dei Biri (Cannaregio 5394/B)



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