It’s Art so I can!

FL_00191094_026Contemporary art is not understandable for everyone.  Nevertheless you can understand what you want. Let’s have a look at the very controversial exhibit of one of the Venice Biennale : Giuseppe Veneziano.

Giuseppe Veneziano is a contemporary artist who decides to revisit the modern and  traditional artists elaborating them in his twisted mind.

In fact, you can find the new version of the Tentation de Saint Antoine by Dali, the Nascità di Venere by Boticelli, painted with bright and intence colours.

The artist is inserted in his time and proposes a new way of perseption of the modern heroes as Spiderman, Superman in strange and unique situations which can shock or please you.

It’s safe to say that the artist has a fondness for portraying pop culture icons and historical figures in a less than flattering light.

Venice’s Contini Art Gallery features paintings by number of famous artists, such as Chagall, Giacometti, Magritte, and Picasso.


Campo Santo Stefano
2765 San Marco



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