Opera at the Lido and Pellestrina

serva_padronaFor the first time, the Lido and Pellestrina, will host operatic master pieces in plein-air. It will begin the next summer and to promote this, it’s the Municipality. The rio Terà di Malamocco will see the representation  of the Serva Padrona on July the 23rd and the Locandiera on august 20th.

The characters will be almost 20 musicians and 6 professional singers of the new established association Lirica Viva di Venezia who will display exclusively at the Lido. But two other rendez-vous will concern the Piazza della Chiesa at Malamocco, on June 25th, and the Palasport of Portosecco on August 27th with many other concerts.

In alternative of the palasport, if the works of arrangement would not be finished after the damages caused by the tornado of the previous July, the Municipality has thought about the utilisation of the same Piazza di Portosecco. “We are expanding the cultural offer for our city dweller, nevertheless the economical difficulties but thanks to the support of some external sponsors – underlines the Municipality president, Giorgio Vianello – we hope that the initiative could be welcomed by the residents and not only, and that a lot of people participate and follow the evening of the calendar”.


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