Venice Museums, a 360 ° virtual tour

specialoffers_01_bLooking at a Tintoretto, Tiepolo or a Veronese in such a place as Doge’s Palace in Venice is something unique. Now, just logging on venice connected, the official web site for tourism run by the Venice City Council, and using the new feature by Geomondo, a young up-and-coming company, you can enjoy a visit from the comfort of your home, peering closely at the great works of art inside the Doge’s Palace.

On, and also on the Fondazione Musei web site, you can zoom, rotate, pan through and explore every inch of the extraordinary Paradiso by Tintoretto (1588 – 1594) inside the Sala del Maggior Consiglio, for example, andevery work included in five from the eleven Venice museums: beside Doge’s Palace, also Ca’ Rezzonico, Ca’ Pesaro, the Museum of Natural History and the Clock Tower. Shortly, there will be Museo Correr, Museo Fortuny, Carlo Goldoni’s House, Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo, Glass Museum and Lace Museum.

Just twirling around 360 degrees to see what is in more than 5000 high quality images -  with 5000 x 2500 pixel resolution -, you are able to discover the masterpieces included in the exhibit collections of these five museums, by great artists of all time, from Bellini, Tiziano, Tintoretto, Longhi, Canova, Tiepolo, to Klimt, Chagall, Kandisky and Klee, and over two millions pieces included in the scientific collection of Museum of Natural History.

Street Level is the technology used for Venice museums indoor map views featuredin This interactive tool displays immersive, panoramic(360 degree) imagery of street-level scenes, as if you were looking at themwith your very own eyes.

It is not the same as being there, it’s true, though the virtual visit is thought just in preparation for the real one: it develops the appetites of the visitors and inspire them, virtually reproducing the suggested exhibit path. That’s the way it is for Doge’s Palace, where you are invited to take a themed trail from Museo dell’Opera to the Secret Itineraries.
It is a very impressive experience visiting the loft, in correspondence of the magnificent Sala del Maggior Consiglio.

Discovering and enjoying the treasures displayed in Venice museums has never been so easy, although, obviously, the sublime pleasure of being in Venice could never change or diminish.


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