Lee Yong-baek for Korea at the 54th Venice Arts Biennale

Lee Yong-baekArtist Lee Yong-Baek has been chosen to hold a solo presentation in the Korean Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale next year, announced by the Arts Council Korea.

Lee is best known for his single-video channel installation works but actually presents a wider range of works including sculptures, kinetic arts, paintings and performances. His pieces cover themes such as religion, politics and philosophy.

The kaleidoscopic artist earned a B.A. degree from Hongik University and a M.A. degree from The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design in Germany, both for western paintings.The Venice exhibition will also introduce many genres of his works like videos, paintings, sculptures and installations.

Venice Art Biennale is arguably the world’s biggest art festival. The Korean Pavilion was established in 1995 and a commissioner, who selects an artist or a group of artists to present in the pavilion, is designated every year by Arts Council Korea.

Lee will be showcasing upgraded versions of his existing works that gained approval at the international level through biennales and exhibitions.


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