BBCC Expo of Venice

e2422646_venezia_bbcc_expoWith 14 years of dedication to culture, the bbcc Expo of Venice is an ideal and prominent showcase for presenting excellence in the valorisation of the great legacy of cultural estate and activities in Italy and worldwide. For 14 years, the Expo’s showroom has hosted exchanges with some of the most dynamic contributors, helping to  encourage collaboration for the development of distinguished excellence.

Protagonists from both public and private areas meet regularly at the exposition to discuss project strategies and develop new lines of collaboration. A wealth of conferences, events and meetings with people and high-level international groups can always be expected, offering a wide range of important opportunities to exchange ideas regarding the different themes and topics affecting the sector.

The bbcc Expo also takes on the task of developing a link between historical-artistic capital and the tourism division in Italy. Historic town centres, cities of art, large-scale parks, cultural itineraries, Grand Tours, museum networks and religious tourism all take part in an appointment that involves tourism agencies coming from every Italian region and from major European countries that are seeking out the opportunities of discovery in Italy, which offers the advantages of a veritable cultural industry in a wonderful nature oasis, rich with unique environments and marvellous panoramas.

The main interests and initiative were started among the Expo stands with Viaggiandum Est – the Stock exchange of Cultural Tourism, having reached its 11th edition: an entire day of one-to-one appointments which allow for supply and demand operators to directly meet with one another and discuss proposal of travel, charter trips, specialised itineraries and the latest novelties in the offers of tourist destinations.

Parallel to the bbcc Expo, Restaura – the 6th Exhibition on the Restoration of the Cultural Heritage will take place.


Venezia Terminal Passegderi – Pad 107 & 108 – 2-3-4 December

tel. +39 041 714066 | fax +39 041 713151

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