Exposition of Giorgione now until November 01st!!!

la tempestaThree of Giorgione most famous works, The Old Lady (1506), The Naked (1508) and his most famous masterpiece, The Tempest (1507-08), will be on display for over an other month in one of Venice most unique buildings, Palazzo Grimani near Campo Santa Maria Formosa.

Originally the residence of the Venetian doge Antonio Grimani, it was rebuilt in 1532-1569 by his heirs Vittore, procuratore generale of the city, and Giovanni Grimani, cardinal and Patriarch of Aquileia. The latter allegedly collaborated with Michele Sanmicheli, who had been usually credited as the designer of the whole construction. The palace was completed in 1575 by Giovanni Rusconi. Alessandro Vittoria was responsible for the ornamentation of the doorway.

The exhibition of these works by Giorgione is the first of a series: it will be followed by two other important exhibits, ‘The visions of the afterlife Hieronimous Bosch‘ and ‘Canaletto’s notebooks’.

The Naked, La Vecchia are the ideal crownment of the reunification of the whole path of Giorgione, which culminated in his masterpiece The Tempest, the most renowned and enigmatic painting by Giorgione, the first true example of Italian landscape painting and center for centuries of philological countless disputes about the correct interpretation of its subject.



Ramo Grimani, Castello 4858

Tel: (+39) 041 52 00 345

For further informations:

Soprintendenza Speciale PSAE e per il Polo Museale Veneziano

Piazza S. Marco, 63

30124 Venezia

Tel. (+39) 041 52 10 577

Fax. (+39) 041 52 10 547




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