Venice lifts up its palaces to save them from the high water.

767554Venice lifts up its palaces to save them from the high water.

The project thought by the companies Soles and Mattioli and presented in the municipality.

The ex mayor of Venice Massimo Cacciari remind that “It’s not applicable for the entire city, only for some monuments”.

Lift up the most precious monuments to save them from the high water is in the heart of the debate about the safeguard of Venice.

A demonstrative intervention of the method, which is based on the possibility to lift up a palace making at the level of
the ground a stall suited to divide the weigh on a new structure of foundations, it will be realised on March 26th in Forlì on a palace
of three floors, all in brickwork, with an area of 500 square meters and for a weigh of 1500 tons. Everything with the inten that
the structure could lift up the Palace over one meter at the with the speed of 1 centimetre an hour.
The president of Soles, Roberto Zago, explained that the cost to lift up a palace of 3-4 floors over one meter is around 2.500 Euro
every square meter.

The project will be applicated to some of the most important palces like: The San Moisè Church behind Piazza San Marco and Palazzo dei Camerlenghi.

The summary of all the studies, projects, ideas will be done at the end of September at the International Congress of the Ingenieer Association.
A worldwide appointment dedicateed at “The important structures for urbanized areas in the environment respect”.


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