Signum Foundation at Palazzo Dona’

Since 2009, at the cultural map of Venice has been added a new reference : Palazzo Donà in Campo San Polo, centre of the polish foundation “Signum Foundation”. In Poland, created in 2002 by Jarosław and Hanna Przyborowski, the foundation does charity for poor children with the help of some artists  and try to educate in all over the country. Palazzo Donà is the first permanent exhibition centre in Europe.

The foundation proposes to become a place of meeting and dialogue about and through Art, in a city, Venice, traditionnaly more open to plots of cultural exchanges, and where live together Christianity, Orthodoxy, and Islam.

To reach this ambicious object this should be based on the tolerance to the most different models of artistic and cultural approachs, but where all the activities are hardly judged by an internationnal public and by the city itself which is difficult to seduce because used to live in the middle of an incredible
cultural and aesthetic richness.

This challenge will take place in the rooms of the gothic palace where spces will be given to all the representatives of all the artistic discipines: visual arts, music, cinema, theatre and literature.
The Signum Foundation will present the works of its collection, that today has more than 1000 pieces put together in 15 years, a melting pot of all the styles of the XX century, the most of them done by polish artits. But the foundation offers always more space to the international art because very attached with it and will invite many artists from all over the world to execute new projects in relation with the particolarity of the city of Venice and of the Palazzo Dona’.

The Exhibition called “Luce e Movimento” (Light and Movement) is proposed by the Sigmun Foundation on August 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th 2010.

With the newly organized space of Palazzo Donà, the Foundation presents objects and sculptures, as well as installations and films in which light and movement become essential elements of the composition. The exhibition, prepared in collaboration with Galerie Denise René, includes works by masters of kinetic art, shows the Avant-garde origins of the movement and its influence on the art of today. The viewer is a participant in the project. His presence triggers movement and the play of light enriching the work of art with the dimension of time. This constant change confers ineffable quality to the work of art.

Martha Boto
Carlos Cruz-Diez
Horacio Garcia Rossi
Werner Graeff
László Moholy-Nagy
Julio Le Parc
Józef Robakowski
Nicolas Schöffer
Jesús Rafael Soto
Gregorio Vardanega

Signum Foundation

Grzegorz Musial and Franck Marlot


Address: Palazzo Donà
Campo San Polo 2177 30125
Tel: 0415289797


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