1280314943bIvana Bukovac, Antonio Cataldo, T-Yong Chung, Nicolò Degiorgis, Roberto De Pol, Francesco Fonassi, Alessandro Laita e Chiaralice Rizzi, Diego Marcon, Caterina Rossato, Giulio Squillacciotti, Sara Francesca Tirelli, Unità di Crisi.

For over a century, the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation has been pursuing the goal of its founder, Duchess Felicita Bevilacqua, who dedicated her home, Ca’ Pesaro, to the cause of promoting the work of young artists in Venice.

Finally, in 2008, the Foundation made 12 studios and 2 artists residencies available for participation in the most recent international artists-in-residence programmes.
In 2006, five studios were bought in the St. Cosma and Damiano complex on the island of Giudecca, and in 2008, after lengthy restoration works, the seven studios and two apartments in Palazzo Carminati became available again for use by young artists, curators and gallery managers, invited periodically by the Foundation for studio visits. It is in these two apartments, with views over the rooftops of Venice, where the new edition of OPEN STUDIOS will be located.

From the 27th of August to the 26th of September the young studio artists will use these spaces to exhibit works created for the 12th Architecture Biennale “People meet in Architecture”.
The challenge is twofold: on one hand, they will use what is normally a domestic environment for an exhibition of heterogeneous works, distinguishable from one to another by the different artistic languages and techniques used to create them. And on the other hand, they will be working with several themes concerning architecture, the dominant influence in the association with the Venice Biennale.
Their exhibits, in this “domestic setting”, will include camouflaged installations, research, urban works projects and discrete relational structures. In this sense, the freedom of action on the theme of architecture, the restricted exhibiting possibilities and the particular connotations of the settings combine to form a provocative and stimulating context for the studio artists to put themselves to the test.

The exhibition is curated by Stefano Coletto and Chiara Casarin.


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