Huang Kehua “The magic eye of Nature”

caleidoscopio1Until August 30th 2010 2010
Biblioteca Marciana

In the Biblioteca Marciana you will be able to see a personal exhibition of Huang Kehua, very famous chinese photographer, called ” The magic eye of Nature”, organised by the I.N.A.C. (the National Istitute of Contemporary Art) and cured by Vincenzo Sanfo.
The exhibition will be integrated in the round of the Museums of Piazza San Marco.

The opening during will be present the artist, the curator and the President of the I.N.A.C. Anselmo Villata, and the Great Consul in Milan of the Chinese Republic Junfu Ming, on August 19th at 11:00 am in the Sansoviniana Library.
The artist was born in 1943 in Rongcheng in the Shandong province, studied and got a diploma in engineering. He became the president of the Association of photography of Shandong.
Noted for his recent works Impression of Africa, Swan in My Hometown and My Love, Mother Earth, the Chinese photographer has gained international recognition.
Many of his works have been published in photographic magazines both in China and abroad.
He won prizes in America, Italy and South Korea as well as in China.
From 1976 he is director of the finance office of Junan, general manager and vice governor of the finance commission of the province of Shandong, vice director of the permanent committee at the National People’s Congress and director of the financial and economical committee at the National People’s Congress.


Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana
Annalisa Bruni
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  1. favolose le sue fotografie , mi hanno sorpreso e sconcertato , una meraviglia , bravo alla sua ispirazione

    Comment by hersilia valentini — 13 July 2011 @ 23:37

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