The Theatre of the World – Aldo Rossi

teatro.del.mondo.rossiUntil July 30th 2010, the exhibition, cured by Maurizio Scaparro, has been set up in the Porch of ca’ Giustinian, restaured main palace of the Biannale of venice, directed by Paolo Baratta. After 30 years of its realisation a second reading has been proposed of the famous project of Aldo Rossi for the theatre of the world, floating building anchored at the Punta della Dogana,

realised in 1979 in occasion of the exhibition called: “Venice and the scenic space”, used in 1980 by the Theatre Sector for the first edition of the Venice Carnival and transported by water in the 1980 summer to the festival of Dubrovnik.

“The project for the Theatre of the world – explained Aldo Rossi – was defined by three facts, the possibility to have an available space precise also if not precisable, the way to place ourselves as volume according to the venetians mouvements., being on the water. Its appears evident that being on the water is the principal feature, a raft, a boat: the borderline of the construction of Venice”.

The curator of the exhibition, Maurizio Scapparo, has declared: “I’ve never could imagine that 30 years after, today, we would remember the extrodinary adventure of the Theatre of the World of Aldo Rossi, wanted by me and Paolo Portoghesi in the 80’s, sign of the interdisciplinity of the Biennale”.


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