Mariano Yunta Lopesino – Eyes in the Depth

gioevang22 Paintings with oil realised between 1984 and 2010 and in the middle the most important work of Yunta : “La Promessa di velazquez” (”the promise of Velazquez”) conceived as a “votive” paintaing, is a homage to the “Las Meninas” by Diego Velazquez (1599-1660) considered by the artist the most important Master of all times.

The deep admiration for this artist contributed to the interest that Yunta shown during al his artistical carrier, considering and representing the space as material basis of his composition.
The method that he used is really original and loved all around the world and received a lot of prestigious prizes.

The paintings exposed represent un study about the manipulation of the perspective: Yunta challenge the visitor in the inheritance of the cubism.
As Braque and Picasso, he proposes to the spectator in such a position to render distant the represented subject. Yunta represents as abstract a common subject: also if composed by simple forms that reflect the architectural logic of the project, the subject of the paintings is disolved in a mass of superimposed levels maintained together by ribbons of brushstrokes. This illusion of mouvements is an quaint element of the Yunta’s works, made by elegant brushstrokes and important technical esecutive capacities that are able to give to two-dimensional objects the illusion of the mouvement inside of a spatiotemporal continuity that is just the mirror of the experiences of the artist’s life.


Free Entrance at the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista of Venice


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    Sono un suo amico e fiero proprietario di (due) sue tele!

    Comment by Raniero — 17 June 2013 @ 15:30

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