Manlio Alzetta in Scoletta San Zaccaria

manlio alzetta

You will be able to see this exhibition until september with many changes of works in exposition.
Organised by the “Centro d’Arte San Vidal – U.C.A.I. of Venice” in Campo San Zaccaria near by the prestigious and old Church, the manifestation has as title “Arte Estate a San Vidal” (”Art in Summer in San Vidal”) and shows 48 artists who propose their
works in which different languages, fascinating styles, sing life and nature, stories from yesterday and futuristic thoughts overwrought by fears and hopes that the modern society rattle without rest.

The organisers wanted, as in the previous editions, to focus the attention on one Artist who has left trail of an important humanity doing of his own Art a stepping stone for messages capable to fix almost the more sensible persons in a clot of feelings which propose a future a little bit brighter than the present.

This year the choose is fallen on a name well known in Venice. His memory is still alive for the friend and for all the people who knows Art: Manlio Alzetta (1920/2000).
He has been a very eclectic artist (painter, sculptor, poet, artistic critic) and he left unforgettable works with oil and watercolour in which our lagune is seen as a hanging world in the memory of the time, where everything appears motionless surrounded in an metaphysical light capable to enlighten not only things but also their minds.

His painting are the rhymes of a poem written
thousand years ago and only the sensibility mixed with the experience of a real artist could give life again and show us all this
without falling in the obvious.

He never fogot the humble people and the daily effort in the labour as his Venice. Never “too much” his painting can be defined “simple and essential” both in the landscapes and in the utilisation of transparent coulours which appear as flying thoughts.




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