Madonnina con Bambino di Ca’ Foscari

ca'-foscariThe “Madonna con Bambino” (”Holy Mary with Child”) is a mural painting discovered, or better discovered again, during the renovating works of Ca’ Foscari finished in 2005 and situated in the main hall of Palazzo Giustinian dei vescovi, set in a niche over a wooden door.

This mural painting which has accurated details has been hidden for years b a huge rose garden. During the renovation of the Palace the painting came back to light and has been protected by a cover plate in glass.

The work had a first renovation in the 60’s and had been removed and transported on a wooden support.
The Madonnina with her kind face has immediately solicited the curiosity of the cafoscarini and began a real and new research.

From which period is the painting ? Who is the painter ? What kind of evolution has had in the times ? These and other requests have guided the investigation.

The painting exposed outside for a long time is situated in the main hall of Ca’ Giustinian where the façade of the XV century, the well dated of the Renaissance and the uncovered stairs in Gothic style create around the painting a frame which has influenced the researchers inducing them to consider the work from a Tiziano’s follower.

After the renovation of the 60’s cured by Mrs Menin Giuseppina, on May 28th 2010 at 11:00 am, the “Madonnina di ca’ Foscari” went back in the laboratories to then go back in her internal niche in the main courtyard of Palazzo Giustinian.


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