Stefan Burger “Irene, the sinkable show”.

Stefan_BurgerUntil June 23rd 2010 you can see in the Swiss Institute of Venice in Campo Sant’ Agnese an exposition of Stefan Burger: “Irene, The sinkable show” (Irene, la mostra affondabile). The new works have been on order of  Salvatore Lacagnina and product by the Swiss Institute of Rome.

The big hall of Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi as exhibition area hosts an installation of photographs, a wallpaper and a sculpture, all dedicated to different actual aspects of the lagoon city and sculptures focused on themes like the Time and changeability. The title of the exhibition : “Irene: the sinkable show” has been suggested to the artist by the ships and motorboats designed by great italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi (1891-1979) the first, called with the same name of his wife, has been launched in 1945 (a motorboat of 165 tons).

For Burger, “Irene” represents “the unstable centre of the exhibition”, and it’s for this reason that the wallpaper which faced campo Sant’Agnese is a reproduction of a photograph taken in the exhibition area and which is inspired to an old picture whwn the palace was the archive Nervi: a group of worker testing the robustness of a cement slab levering it with their own weigh.
The mise-en-scene of the “improvise test” ( caption of the photo) using in horizontal the vertical element of the wall, becomes a test not only about the stability and the resistance but also the relevance of the wall as element which sanction the power and the authority of the image.

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stefan buger

stefan buger

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