Exposition “Russias! Memory, distortion, immaginary.” at Ca’ Foscari Palace

gouachem“Russias! Memory, distortion, immaginary.”

The curators Giuseppe Barbieri and Silvia Burini propose to “show” you the Story and the stories of Russia in the whole XX century through Art, gathering, for the first time, works coming from two private collections and little known by the public: the collection Morgane and the Sandretti one.

This exposition is about the relation that Art has been able to establish with authority in the History.
From this delicate and complicated balance between representation and historical events in the Russia of the XX century make this exposition a strict testimony of different periods like different Russias:

The radiant and optimist Russia in the Socialist Realism.

The Russia of the N.E.P. (New Economic Politic)

The official Russia that Majakovskij with his own suicide on April 14th 1930, made waver and crack, burying this “civil utopia” of which he was the convinced chorister.

The Stalin death allowed the birth of a non official timid art, a “protest made in URSS” which took back the masterpieces of the begining of the XX century Avant-Garde (Chagall, Kandinskij, Malevic, Konkalovkij), testimonies of this “internal tradition” drown and secret that Stalin attempted many times to cancel but which survived and came back in the 60’s and definitely during the Biennale of 1977.


«Russie! Memoria, mistificazione, immaginario» Untile July 25th 2010 Università Ca’ Foscari – Palazzo Ca’ Giustinian dei VescoviInfo tel. 041-2346942www.unive.it/cafoscari.fr



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