Guided tour of Ca’ Rezzonico’s site

This is an exceptionall event you cannot miss!!!
Just for a very small group and just on reservation it will be possible to visit the restauration of the facade of Ca’ Rezzonico. The tour will be held saturday 24th April at 10:00am and Wednesday 28th April at 10:00am and 16:00 pm.

The restoration are now finished and the site-structure will remain in front of the facade just for few weeks. Few inches will divide you from the complex decoration of the building!!! You will be able to recognise the difference between the Barocco and Rococò periods (Longhena started the construction of the building in 1649, but Massari finished it in 1756) and to understand the whole life and “adventures” if this gougeous palace.

The visit is offered by Musei Civici Veneziani and will be divided in two parts: a class lesson held by Mario Cherido and the visit of the site. It’s just on reservation, for more information please call +39 041 2700370 . Please remember that the site inspection will require a specific clothe and physical skills.

Ca' Rezzonico - Venice

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