Biennale on Carnival

The Biennale is going on Carnival from the 6th to the 16th of February with an educational program and many initiative dedicated to children, by the Giardini di Sant’ Elena (former pavilion Italy).
The program introduced by the major to the Biennale and the Venetian Marketing Events presidents includes workshops (several meetings for a total duration of three hours) for the schools. Meetings are organized thanks to the assistance of the Biennale operators and about 80 students of the Art Institute.

Mask and costume making, performances, and cinema, everything come with gadgets, sweets and chocolate fountains. Inscribe is easy and moreover free, to book call tel. 0415818828.

The highest point? The program provide a Carnival in the dark for blind children and boys: recognize the art by the sense of touch. An event no to be missed considering that the Biennale is following the path of integration with the city activities, never done before.

Biennale Carnival

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